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tv   Media Buzz  FOX News  November 29, 2020 8:00am-9:00am PST

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thank you, sir. ken starr. that will do it for us right now. but this program will repeat today at 3:00 p.m. eastern right here on fox news. i hope you'll join us. tomorrow i continue the conversation on fox business with "mornings with maria," we'll have carter page and jenna ellis my special guests. ♪ howie: this is media buzz, i'm howard kurtz. we'll get to maria bartiromo's ex clasexclusive interview with president trump in a moment. it took three long weeks before president trump went back to his favorite past time, making it up with reporters. >> if the electoral college votes for joe biden on november 14th, will you concede. >> it will be a hard thing to concede because we know there was massive fraud. >> so if the electoral college does elect president-elect joe biden are you not going to leave this building?
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>> certainly i will. certainly i will. and you know that. howie: when reuters correspondent jeff mason kept pressing him about the electoral college, the president punched back. >> look, between you people -- don't talk to me that way. you're just a lightweight. don't talk to me that -- i'm the president of the united states. don't ever talk to the president that way. howie: the media largely celebrating president trump's decision to cooperate with a joe biden election without concession. >> the 2020 presidential election was not fair. no honest person would claim that it was fair. they rigged the election in front of all of us. and nobody did anything about it. >> unless the legal situation changes in a dramatic and frankly unlikely manner, joe biden will be inaugurated on january 20th. to say this constitutes living in reality. and if i offered you a false reality, if i told you there was
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an excellent phenomenal chance that the supreme court was going to step in and deliver a victory to president trump, i'd be lying to you. >> i don't get what my brothers and sisters in the media keep playing to this. who cares if trump concedes? it's not in the law. it's a tradition. imagine the crisis we would have been in if trump flipped the votes and was about to be inaugurated, the president having lost by 4 points and over of 6 million votes. howie: joining us to analyze the coverage, ben domenech, in new york, kennedy, wh whose box business show is -- fox business show is back in business and clarence page come u columnist e chicago tribune. let me pay a bit of the interview with president trump and we'll talk about it on the other side. >> the election was over and they did dumps, big, massive dump, all of a sudden i went
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from winning by a lot to losing by a little. howie: the president's talking about massive dumps, those are the mail-in ballots. he's talking about problems with voting machines, talking about dead people voting. the challenge for the media, in more than 30 of case is the president's legal team have been unable to convince judges there was evidence of fraud. what's your take of how this is playing out with the press? >> i think this is the president shifting from largely legal strategy to a media strategy. the fact that this morning he went on with maria and made as strong of a case as he could for his perspective on this one that i think is to hit point earlier not going to change what's happened or of anything like that. i think you're just going to be in a situation where again and again you are going to have these conflicts between the press and the president until he actually leaves office, because
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they've set up this whole scenario of him getting like bunkered in or something like that in the white house in ways that i think were he never going to happen but in ways that they have played up over the past several months, as the president acknowledged, he's going to leave if the electoral college goes, as we all expect it to and i anticipate it's going to hatch but it's not going to -- happen but it's not going to stop his criticism of the way telex played out. howie: i play another clip, the president talking about the press and the way journalists have covered his post-election battle. roll it. >> the media doesn't even want to cover it. you're doing something. you're actually very brave because you're doing something -- the media doesn't want to talk about it. howie: so does donald trump have a point that the media don't want to cover his allegations of massive fraud? because it seems to me that reporters have gone for the courthouses, covered the cases and overall it's gotten a lot of coverage. your thoughts? >> he yes, and they have covered
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the bigger aspects of some of the legal cases and the filings on behalf of the president and his team but what hasn't gotten enough coverage is the more than anecdotal cases of weirdness in certain states and there are people who of feel perhaps disen franchised because they hear stories and i'm not talking about the big dominion, hugo chavez conspiracy theories. i'm talking about the lesser stories, perhaps in the affidavits and maybe that doesn't add up to massive voter fraud, but it does require some investigation in particular states and i hope investigative gurjournalists in places like pennsylvania and michigan figure this out so there is confidence in the election service going forward for the midterms and four years from now. howie: it would be good to have such confidence. clarence, maria bartiromo said the allegations of fraud as laid out by the president are disgraceful. as you know, just to update our
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audience, last night pennsylvania supreme court unanimously ruled against the president's legal team, saying no evidence of fraud and before that three judge appeals court panel in philadelphia ruled no evidence of fraud, three republican judges and the opinion was written by a trump appointee. what is the gist of the president's complaint about the press right now? >> well, howard, you're right, as president trump would say and everybody knows it, that there have been what was some 30 cases thrown out already. the only case that has any sticking power was one in regard to how far back the judges were from the ballots in terms of how many feet. that's not massive voting fraud. that's what the president is alleging constantly, that there's this massive fraud. what he is showing is that he definitely has a sense of entitlement to an election
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victory even if the votes don't back him up and his supporters appreciate hearing that, it bolsters the idea that this guy couldn't lose unless it was stolen from him. how that translates into his political future, we will see. howie: okay. ben, we showed some of the thanksgiving news conference with reporters. it seemed like the press corps couldn't wait to get at president trump and vice versa, given the three weeks of no engagement. what's your take on how each side did at that press conference? >> well, i think the journalists in that situation are very cognizant of how much president trump has boosted their personal careers. their interactions with him have become the stuff of viral memes and the like and also have led to significant book and speaking contracts. they have a limited amount of time to really scrap it up with the president in this kind of context and i think they were trying to take advantage of that. howie: you're saying they're
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going to miss president trump? you're saying they're going to miss the guy -- >> of course they're going to miss him. you're going to miss me when i'm gone is what he should be saying right now we sa. howie: we saw the president snapping at the reuters correspondent. he is a pretty mild-mannered guy. do you think he deserved that tongue lashing? >> they both know what they're doing. ben is absolutely right. this has become a cottage industry for reporters who covered this president. it's the jim acosta model. you don't have to be long on talent to really turn this into a lucrative career. the window for both of them is closing. the president is going to be president for very long so he has to engage as much as he can and say wait, i'm the president and the press, they're not going to have access to joe biden the way they have with this
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president. so there's never going to be exchanges like that. it's going to be very, very different and probably quite boring covering joe biden for this press pool. you've got to milk it while you can. it's like being an instagram model or tiktok star. you may have many followers now but next week you're going to be a hobo. howie: one of the dilemmas for the media is it's a mixed message. a few days ago the president you authorized the gsa to go forward with the biden transition. at the same time on twitter, in an interview like we saw and at the news conference he's insisting massive fraud, stolen election and all of that. we know which one the press is giving greater weight to. >> it's not a dilemma for the media, howard. the reporters cover the story, they cover news. that's their job. it's what they've been doing. it's president trump who has given so much color to the news conference settings that people
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tune in more if you will. there's a ratings race. what were the questions they asked? if the electoral college so rules, will you concede? if that happens, will you a announce candidacy for 2024? what confidence will the voters have? these are ordinary questions. it's president trump who gives the colorful answers and that's what really counts here. that's the way journalism works. whether the media will remember president trump or miss him, as i said on your show before, president trumps is a 3450e med. he will create media on his own. howie: ben, i take your point about there's something in it for both sides during this four -- actually six year battle between donald trump and the press. from what we've seen in the post election period, do you have any indication that the press is going to be even reasonably truffe on joe biden, -- tough on joe biden, who does have a less
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confrontational style, shall we say. >> the biggest thing i learned about the incoming biden administration this week is they plan to have a pet in the white house. i think that says a lot about the expectation that's are built in here for how the media will treat the -- howie: let's stop right there. that's a good point. the new york times and other outlets have stories today about a cbs sunday morning exclusive that the buy dense will get a -- bidens will get a cat to join their dogs in the white house. what does that suggest to you? >> it suggests that this is going to be the tone. we're going to learn about tony blinken's ability with the guitar, we'll learn about how nice these folks are. we will not learn about the policy questions that we didn't get answers to during the course of the past elections because of the restrictions and distance joe biden was allowed to have as a candidate. i think that's going to lead to higher levels of distrust in the press as we move forward if you
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can imagine it, because people do want answers to basic things like what is the biden policy going to be when it comes to reopening schools, how is he achieve that, is that a priority for them? still major things that we don't know the answers to. howie: on that point, kennedy, we're a little short on time. biden right now is not president so the questions necessarily about what will you do or what will you say, but after january 20th don't you think there will be some toughening up on the part of the press corps, for their own preservation. >> i think there will be frustration and, again, the new york times digital subscriptions are up 300% since 2016. so they are going to missio mis. but you have potentially a ton of war mongers who are going to be part of this administration and the press really should be asking questions about what this administration intends to do with regimes like saudi arabia
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and iraq and libya and syria and other parts of the world that anthony blinken has screwed up so far and i don't care about how well he fingers the frets. howie: fair enough. just to give you an idea of the tone, cnn conducted an interview this morning, said the president is undermining the democratic process, and one time that might have been a question and now it's a statement. when we come back, the media uproar over the president's pardon of michael flynn and later we'll check in with frank luntz. stay with us. ♪ [ sneeze ] skip to cold relief fast with alka seltzer plus severe powerfast fizz. dissolves quickly. instantly ready to start working. ♪ oh, what a relief it is! so fast!
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howie: many pundits are apop
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apoplectic about president trump's pardon of michael flynn. some say flynn has been railroaded. >> roger stone had his sentence commuted. michael flynn got a complete pardon. why? he fought it, never said anything about trump. every step along the way donald trump and his cronies misused power to help michael flynn escape justice. >> this is great news. we know he was entrapped by a bunch of people. >> flynn was treated differently. they wanted to catch him. they wanted him to make a mistake. we are not a country with two justice system. howie: ben domenech, whether or not you think the fbi had a strong case against mike flynn and he did plead guilty twice, the press is characterizing this as a miscarriage of justice. >> i do think in this instance there's so much of a strong defense to make for michael
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flynn and the way he was treated. if you actually look at the facts of the case and the experience, it was very clear that the fbi really didn't have any kind of sureity that they had caught him in a lie or that he believed he was lying to them. this was technicality that was used as the basis for an investigation that obviously changed the course of donald trump's presidency and i think this is kind of a book end to that. i want to give you a perspective on the double sta standard thats involved. john brennan who is the former head of the cia who we know for a fact spied on congress, spied on people over the torture report but he is allowed to come and go free of ramifications for that. mike flynn is put in the position that he's in and there's a completely different standard in terms of his treatment. this is a case people will look back to and analyze as one that altered the case of this presidency and i think that's something historic in terms of
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our historic in terms of the double standard people are treated when caught in technicalities. howie: brennan is a cable news contributor. he and his allies would argue he was conducting legitimate investigations and not spying. president trump has the right to use his pardon power. some of the pundits were saying he was trying to protect himself over of what mike flynn might say. he went through a long russia investigation, because this has to do with the conversation was the former russian ambassador. does that have any validity. >> i'm one of those that says the russia investigation was legitimate. it made sense. and michael flynn's behavior was highly questionable and that as we can see even he lied to try to cover it up and that's what he was convicted for. i'm not losing any sleep over michael flynn. i think most people really care about what this has to say about
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who else president trump may pardon. these slow news days around thanksgiving, yes, we are in a holiday weekend, aren't we. you asked a lot of questions about what's going to happen in the future. and i think this says a lot about who trump pardons and why. howie: well, let me get to ben on that, because there's been a whole lot of media speculation, when you include the president's commutation of roger stone's sentence that he's going to pardon george po papadopoulos, d others. is there anything to base that on? >> the president has the capability to pardon anyone he wants. i don't think we'll see as much of a wave of pardons says on of the media has anticipated. i remember being on this network four years ago right after president obama pardoned the unrrepentant terrorist who has
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not apologized for his crimes. these pardons almost always end up looking like black marks on people's records. you recall that bill clinton pardoned as well. in this case, just given the ramifications of this flynn investigation on the presidency, that it's going to have a little bit of different context. howie: well, clarence, ben took it off my question here. bill clinton on his last day in office pardoned mark rich, george h w. bush pardoned robert mcfarland who was caught up in the iran contra affair. it's not like modern presidents haven't done this. donald trump didn't exactly invent this practice. >> well, i mean, the president's right to pardon is beyond question. we can talk about why the framers gave him that right but that right is beyond question. what does it say about the
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legacy of the president? that's what we can at a time like this, that the pardons come down. the big question with president trump which nobody's mentioned was will he pardon himself? howie: that's a legal can of worms. we lost our video connection to kennedy. want to thank her for being on the program, thank you guys as well. clarence, ben. up next, how the press is covering the covid surge and the sharply different trump and biden approaches to the pandemic.
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howie: the coronavirus is continuing a rather chilling surge with 2 million new cases over a two-week period and death rates starting to approach the levels of last spring, as high as 2300 a day. conservative commentators say the country wouldn't be on the verge of approving at least two vaccines if not for president trump. >> if donald trump hadn't buttt this in motion in january, you
8:26 am
can imagine where we would be as we turn the corner to december. howie: joe biden made a soft spoken speech about his extended family canceling their thanksgiving plans. >> those who have lost a loved one, i know this time of year can be especially difficult. believe me. i know. the federal government can't do this alone. each of us has a responsibility in our own lives to do what we can do. howie: joining us you now is fox news correspondent, griff jenkins. griff, that is a different kind of speech. joe biden didn't yo you attack anybody, he didn't have sizzling sound bites. some in the press are questioning whether that kind of approach, that kind of plea to the public can really make much progress against this pandemic. >> we'll see. you're right, howie. it's not what you expect from an incoming president. he's appealing to fatigued
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americans. if you covered joe biden in town halls during the primaries, he tried to emotionally connect with crowds. he's trying it in a national address. the country did see massive spikes after the summer holidays, memorial day, 4th of july, labor day. now he's trying to i guess be honest that the worst is coming. we're in for rough days ahead. while people are tired of, quote, hanging on, he's trying to get people to make sacrifices and he's got to deal with some hypocrisy in his own party, with some failings to lead by example. howie: right, they tell people to stay home and they get on airplanes and so forth. i'll give president trump cred credit for the break. daniel:through ofthe vaccines. when the president said i encourage all americans to gather in homes of places of worship, offer a prayer of
8:28 am
thanks to god, that's against the cdc advice. i understand why people want to see their family or go to church or synagogue at this time of year. >> yeah, his progress on the vaccines which we may see in a matter of weeks runs contrary to his failed messaging on this, he constantly undermines his government's warnings and data. you saw this morning, fox news sunday, surgeon general general adams saying it's going to get worse, fauci, birx out on other shows, trying to say that you've got to listen now to the medical experts and the cdc that are recommending against traveling and gatherings in large numbers. howie: let me jump in. rich lowry says there's a coming backlash once biden takes office against all of the restrictions and curfews and mask mandates and all that. that may be right. if it's true, wouldn't some of it be directed to some governors who are cracking down, trying to
8:29 am
beat covid-19? >> that's right. if thanksgiving was any indication of how the message went south, wait until you tell people to ca cancel christmas, you'll have republican gone nors and leaders trying to get a honest, serious health -- you're trying to protect people's health here and they're going to have a tough job in doing that. howie: yeah, the governors are on the frontlines as we have learned. griff jenkins, great to see you. have a happy holiday. coming up, donald trump says there's no way joe biden could have gotten 80 million votes. frank luntz on the post-election battle between the president and the press.
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howie: when president trump was sparring with reporters and insisting he actually won the election, he singled out one number as toe at tha totally i'.
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>> this is not a candidate that could get 80 million votes. this is not a candidate that beat barack hussein obama with the black voter. howie: joining us now here in washington, frank luntz, the veteran republican pollster and, frank, a white house official the other day sent me a note says potus wants i to read this article, the piece in the federalist saying journalists should be skeptical got 8 million votes, how did he perform so well in the suburbs. is that so bizarre? >> it's a responsibility of journalists to be skeptical and challenge the facts, to provide honest and accurate information. i think once again the media got it wrong. i want to read you a quote. you may recognize it. they said that democrats were a solid bet to hang onto the senate. they said many of the races were tight. what did journalists have to say
8:34 am
for themselves now. why are they slavishly vetted to conservative wisdom? this is your quote from 2002. not to show you up. it's meant to show up your profession. i keep your newspaper from 18 years ago, that's how much i respect you. they got it wrong. they got the polling wrong. they got it wrong. howie: hardly the first time. on that point, the trump media don't seem to have focused this time around on the fact that republicans did far better, particularly in the house, than anybody, pundits or just about anybody else had predicted. >> this is my point. that they were predicting for kevin mccarthy that he was going to lose 10 o 10 or 15 seats. in the end, he's go to be at maybe 213 points, that's a hair's breath away from control. if you look at the numbers over the last 40 years or so, in the
8:35 am
first election of an off-year, kevin mccarthy is more likely to become speaker if these republicans learn how to work together, learn how to cooperate. the key here, howie, is that the press doesn't see it, they don't hear it. they did not see trump's election in 2016. they did not see what was happening in the senate in 2020. they did not see what was happening in the house and my issue is that as a pollster, our job is to give accurate information to the media so that they can tell the story in a precise and pristine way. that's not happening. it didn't happen again and it hasn't happened for decades. howie: well, pollsters have had their own problems as we discussed and the press didn't see joe biden winning the democratic nomination. the president in his interview with maria bartiromo hit that, how biden couldn't have gotten 80 million votes. let me ask you, many liberals accused the president of undermining democracy. the washington post said he's
8:36 am
duping his reports -- duping his supporters. it is repeating the charges of a stolen election, a case he hasn't been able to successfully make yet in court? >> that's the point right there, that he's not being able to make it successfully in court. he has every right to make any claim he wants to. the media has every right to analyze that claim and report as what he is saying. and at a certain point you accept the results, at a certain point you have to move on. i'm looking at the bigger picture. i'm looking at the percentage of americans which is right now over 50% in georgia, which is the key state looking ahead, 54% of trump voters think the election was stolen. you go back to 2000, the last time something like this happened, there's only a third of gore voters who thought the election was stolen. i'm concerned it will be impossible to promote to unify, to find some way to defend this
8:37 am
democracy when you have this constant challenge of it. it has every right to be made but if it fails -- howie: with all the president's tweets about a rigged election and all the charges he has made and he did so with maria, he's also going after nfl players who kneel and going after aoc and going after fox news. but do you thinks, therefore, if you're worried about the impact on future confidence in elections, that the president ought to ease up on this or to take a different tone, leaving aside whether he concedes at all? >> not for me. i'm just a citizen. it's not for me to say -- howie: you're expressing concern. you're expressing concern about voter confidence in the fundamentals of american democracy. >> in a public way. i know what station i'm on. i know what viewers are watching. it's reasonably likely that donald trump is watching this. i'm not asking him to stop.
8:38 am
i'm asking to consider the ramifications, the consequences, because in the end, far more important than the election of a single individual is the health and trust of the democratic process. and i remind you, howie, when people take an oath, they don't take an oath to the president that, take an oath to the constitution, they take an oath to the system of government. it's not just about presidential elections. it's also about our faith and trust in freedom. and, yes, i am afraid that that is being worn away by what has happened over the last few weeks. quite frankly, what happened in the weeks before the election. howie: frank, one last question. we're a little short on time. there have been a number of media reports about the president saying he knows he will probably have to leave on january 20th but that a lot of the messaging about stolen elections is really about the next four years, whether he runs again in 2024, in other words, trying to maintain a strong and enthusiastic support among the people which is nearly half the
8:39 am
country who support him. what do you think about that? >> i think that would be so cynical and so horrible and if that is the case, then it is his responsibility. i would assume that is not the case. i take the president at his word, but if that is the case, to deliberately upset and anger a significant segment of the population for your own benefit, that needs to be exposed and people need to be held accountable. howie: well, we don't know exactly what's going to happen. i think it's fair to say whether he's in or out of office, president trump will be a major media figure for some time to come. he knows how to command the media's attention. thank you for joining us. after the break, the media heaping praise on joe biden's early cabinet picks and his first post election interview you with lester holt. is he getting kid gloves treatment? it was kind of a shock after i started cosentyx.
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howie: the media verdict on joe biden's initial cabinet picks is they're somewhat boring and predictable collection of washington insiders. they're drawing praise for their knowledge and experience. >> it does mean the return of competence. it does mean the return of decency and it does mean the return of humanity to the white house. >> he's found very, very bright
8:44 am
people who are also very experiencend and who are creative and flexible about the way they think. >> if trump appoints somebody he knows really well, the media calls him a trump loyalist. if biden appoints someone he knows really well, oh, it's a long-time advisor, a close confidant. >> in the look at -- if you look at the backgrounds, they're lobbyists, consultants for a big multinational. howie: joining us now to analyze, gayle trotter, and mara liasson, national political reporter and fox news contributor. in terms of the early praise and regardlylesregardless of what yf the policy of these people, the message seems to be they're experienced, seasoned and they're bringing normalcy back after years of trump chaos. >> the media coverage as you said seems to be flattering and positive.
8:45 am
they seem to like biden's picks. they keep emphasizing the fact that they have long records of public service and expertise. but i think the media liked biden's picks but they're not in love with biden's picks. they reflect the far left send sentiment they would like to see biden picking more people from the left for his cabinet and i think you can see the contrast in the coverage of biden's supposed cabinet picks compared to donald trump's cabinet picks where the media coverage then was skeptical and negative. so we've got flattering and positive of biden's picks, when donald trump did not get the same treatment, his picks were -- they were skeptical of them and negative. howie: i think you make a fair point that the left isn't in love with these initial no, ma'anominees, whether it's tony blinken for secretary of state or janet yellen or john kerry. what about the clip we heard
8:46 am
from jesse watters saying trump's people were loyalists when he knew them through his previous life and biden's are just confidants. >> first of all, when you talk about how the media treated them, certainly fox treated trump's picks more kindly than msnbc did and now vice versa. however, when you think back to the people that trump picked in 2016, 2017, yes, some of them were people he knew for a long time but other people, jim mattis, rex tillerson, interesting outside pick, lots of experience, jeff sessions, certainly qualified, regardless of what you think about his politics to run the department of justice. remember, the adults in the room, john kelly. so i think that the reaction to the cabinet of trump and biden has been mixed from the media. it hasn't been all one thing. but there's no doubt that the transition itself is being covered differently because the transitions are so different.
8:47 am
one was chaotic. one threw out all the work that chris christie did and the other of one is plotting and what we would call more normal. howie: interesting that tony blinken was cnn's global affairs analyst, a number of people at msnbc leaving to join the transition. there was an interview with lester holt. let's take a look at some of that. >> this lineup, those you selected so far, a lot of familiar faces among them. what do you say to those who are wondering if you're trying to create a third obama term? >> this is not a third obama term because we face a totally different world than we faced in the obama/biden administration. howie: gayle, joe biden gets a lot of soft balls from reporters but did lester holt at least press him on a couple of things. >> this interview is a perfect example of my earlier point. lester holt was asking him things like are you going to
8:48 am
appoint far leftists like elizabeth warren and bernie sanders and biden demurred. he was asked if he was going to purchase you sue investigations at the federal level against donald trump and biden deflected that and he said that the state investigations will continue. and i think this interview by lester holt shows that the mainstream media does not love biden's picks and they are egging him on to the left and you're going to see that continue because this is just the first group of potential cabinet members. so we're going to see more pressure from the mainstream media for this. howie: yeah, egging him on could also be looking for conflict which is what we in the press do. you mentioned the question about what would happen to donald trump after the election. let's play this other sound bite from the holt o interview. some democrats want investigations to go forward against president trump after he leaves office. do you support that? >> i will not do what this
8:49 am
president does and use the justice department as my vehicle to insist that something happened. howie: that was a terrific question because there are liberal commentators and democrats who say president trump must be brought to justice. biden had to figure out how to handle that. >> his message was the department of justice will be independent. i'm not going to interfere. the rest of the answer was you how the state prosecutions having that he has absolutely no control over. it doesn't sound like joe biden has a big appetite for having the federal government prosecute donald trump. howie: gayle, i've got 20 seconds for you to chime in on this. >> well, after railroading general flynn who was granted a full pardon this week, thankfully, i can see that biden would like to stay out of railroading people and using the fbi and the justice department
8:50 am
to target enemies. so i think that's a good choice. howie: all right. gayle trotter, mara liasson, great to see you. happy thanksgiving. appreciate you being here. still to come, donald trump and andrew cuomo, actually agree on something, cuomo and trump, and it involves the press. new patients, get started with a comprehensive exam and full set of x-rays with no obligation. and if you don't have insurance, it's free. plus, get 20% off your treatment plan. enjoy flexible payment options and savings when it matters most. we're here to make your smile shine bright so you can start the new year feelin' alright. call 1-800-aspendental 7 days a week or book today at
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howie: fox news settled a lawsuit by the parents of seth rich, a young dnc staffer who was tragically killed in washington four years ago in what police believe was a failed robbery. joel and mary rich say they are pleased with the undisclosed terms, saying it closes another chapter. fox said we are pleased with the resolution of the claims and hopes it enables mr. and mrs.
8:54 am
rich to find peace and solace moving forward. fox said in an online article, which was later retracted, that investigators believe rich was killed because he was somehow involved in the wikileaks handling of e-mails. sean hannity said he would stop talking about it after he received a heart felt note. hopefully this closes a very sadden sewed. the new york times ran a piece on jared and ivanka being unlike throw return to manhattan, the headline, the end of president trump's time in office leaves his daughter, ivanka and jared kushner as well to do re refuge. they appear to have plans in new jersey. the times then deleted the phrase, well to do ref few you gees, after on-- refugees, after critics said that should refer to refugees fleeing their
8:55 am
countries and not welcome by the administration. why are so many stories being done and written about jared and ivanka. it was a tough headline but too many pundits are re-vealing in their d.c. departure. frank rooney said maybe they should live in north korea or of saudi arabia. come on. youtube has suspended the one american news network for a week for breaching policy against hosting misinformation about the pandemic. the google owned video service penalized oan for describing a covid treatment as a cure for the disease. and barred the network from making money on its existing videos, though they can reapply for the program. now get this. andrew cuomo and donald trump would seem to have very little in common other than growing up in queens. but it turns out that new york's democratic governor has a dim view of the media, saying they're taking on a nastier and disrespectful tone with some journalists asking, quote, really biased questions. this after cuomo chastised
8:56 am
reporters at a recent briefing. here's what he told radio station wamc. >> the way they question president trump at some of these press conferences is just i've never heard that tone. they're supposed to be a decorum to the institution. if anyone used the tone that they use with me and some of these -- you did that with my old man, you would be lucky if he didn't walk around and deck you. howie: well, i knew mario cuomo. i don't think he would actually punch any press people. it sounds like andrew cuomo and donald trump might enjoy economietalkingabout their medi. that's it for this edition of media buzz. i'm howard cuts. hope you're having a -- howard kurtz. i hope you're having a great thanksgiving weekend. let's continue the conversation on twitter, check out my podcast, media buzz meter, you can subscribe at apple itunes
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or google podcast or amazon device. we are back here next sunday, 11:00 eastern. i hope you'll come back for more of what we do here, trying to give you a fair, down the middle take on media coverage, fair to both sides. see you then with the latest buzz. 're all set up. thanks! that was my business gi, this one's casual. get set up right with a live bookkeeper with intuit quickbooks.
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eric: president trump giving his first post election interview this morning, you heard it right here on fox news channel as he spoke to maria bartiromo. and the president in that interview doubled down on his claims of voter fraud, saying that his legal team will keep challenging the results of the presidential election, this despite more than 30 campaign related cases having already been thrown out in court and election officials across the country saying there is no evidence of the widespread election fraud that the president and his campaign have been claiming. hello, welcome to america's news headquarters. i'm eric shawn. hi, arthel. arthel: hi, eric. hello, everyone. i'm arthel neville a. president trump will arrive at the white house soon, returning from camp david. if he